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hood largely depends on selling so〓rghum to Nairobi's beer brewers. In Ethiopia, the loc〓usts have so far consumed the vegetation on more than〓 65,000 hectares of land, including coffee and tea cr〓ops that account for about 30 percent of 7

Ethiopia's e〓xports. A Moody's Investors Service report issued in 〓early February showed that agriculture contributes ab〓out one-third of the gross domestic product in East A〓frica and more than 65 percent of jobs in all regiona〓l countries except for Kenya. A farmer attempts to s〓care away desert locusts in Mwingi Town in Kitui CounB

〓ty, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) INTERNATI〓ONAL COOPERATION URGED The desert locust swarms have 〓travelled from Africa to Asia. India is suffering the〓 worst hit in 60 years. "Today locust swarms are as b〓ig as major cities and it's getting worse by the day,〓" said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urging 〓the international comT




munity to take immediate counter〓actions. Sacko Josefa, AU Commissioner for Rural Econ〓omy and Agriculture, said earlier this month that the〓 55-member pan-African bloc is working directly with 〓the FAO to make sure that there is no spreaq

d to other〓 countries. Antonio Querido, UN FAO representative in〓 Uganda, said international organizations are providi〓ng technical support and mobilizing resources for Uga〓nda as it strives to fight the locusts. In order to g〓et more international help, Somalia on Feb. 2 declare〓d the locust infestation a national emergency. Irandu〓p

said that the present invasion is likely to cost eno〓rmous financial and human resources far beyond the ca〓pability of the East African countries. Hence there i〓s a need for a concerted effort by regional and other〓 international organizations to offer money, expertis〓e and equipment such as planes. Otherwise, the locust〓 invasion may wipe out 6

﨨ithi, whose K


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    food production in many Africa〓n countries. The FAO recently launched a 76 million U〓.SQ

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    . dollars appeal to control the locusts' spread. We〓eks later, only around0

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    20 million dollars have been r〓eceived, said Lowcock. Irandu suggested that intensif

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    ed international efforts should be made to coordinat〓e aerial sprays, sharev

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    scientific knowledge on breedi〓ng and migratory habits of locusts, and raise funds f〓r5

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    om partners. In the long run, experts have called fo〓r the investment in r4

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    esearch to contain the impacts o〓f climate change, including the locusts invasion. A X

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    〓swarm of desert locusts invade parts of Mwingi Town i〓n Kitui County, Kenym

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    a, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Y〓u) "People must be sensitized adequately on their rol

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    s in adaptation and mitigation programs to ensure un〓iformity in progres2

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    s," said Edward Mungai, chief exec〓utive officer of Kenya Climate Innovation Center. 4

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    BEIJING, April 4 -- Chinese officials said Saturday that the country c◆an hoj

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    ld firm its "rice bowl" despite the novel coronavirus impact, wi◆th ample grain reserves7

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    and measures to boost production. Aerial pho◆to taken on March 27, 2020 Y

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    shows farmers harvesting Choy sum, or Chin◆ese flowering, in Damazhuang Village in cenf

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    tral China's Henan Provinc◆e. (Xinhua/Feng Dapeng) The country has recorded c


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    a long str4

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    years, wR

    ith grain oS

    utput reaching a record of 663.85 million tonn◆es last year. With measures to boost grain production "we have the co◆nfidence and determination to hold firm our 'rice bowl,'" Pan Wenbo, ◆an official at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, told a ◆press conference. The bumper harvests supported the country's efforts◆ to boost H

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    social and economic development as well as fight the novel ◆coronavirus outbreak, Pan said in response to questions that whether ◆some countries' grain export ban would strain China's grain supply. P◆an said China has unveiled a series of "unconventional measures" to s◆tabilize grain production, including setting region-specific grain pl◆antation4

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    targets, offering subsidies for farmers and raising minimum ◆prices for state procurement of rice, which secured a good start this◆ year and would ensure stable grain production for the whole year. Th◆e country's grain reserves have run at a high level, with those of ri◆ce and wheat being sufficient to meet the country's consumer market d◆emand for one year, said Qin Yuyun, an ofW

    ficial with the National Foo◆d and Strategic Reserves Administration. Qin said the administration ◆will continue efforts to ensure abundant supply and stable prices.March 2 marks this year's Lantern Festival according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Follo◆win1

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    g tradition, it's time to have glutinous rice balls, whose round shape symbolizes family◆ unity, completeness and happiness. In English, the delicacy made from glutinous rice flou◆9

    The surface is fine

    r has only one name. Yet in the Chinese language, some people call it tangyuan, while some ◆yuanxiao. Are they really the same thing? In fact, the debate about the difference betwee

    To me

    鬾 tangyuan and yuanxiao has gone on for a while on the internet. On Zhihu, a Chinese versio◆n of the question-and-answer site Quora, many people asked about this. Normally, tangyua0

    The vehicle explodes

    n ◆is considered a traditional food in South China, and the latter in North China. And the mo◆st approved answer on Zhihu was from user Dingxiang Doctor, who gave a detailed explanP

  • It's just mind-blowingly awesome.

    ation◆. Difference 1: process The round shape of tangyuan is created by hand. You shape the ric◆e flour dough into balls, create an indentation in the dough, add the filling, then close i◆t up and smooth out the dumpling by rolling it between hands. Nowadays, tangyuan often come◆ in rainbowlike colors. Though yuanxiao are also round, the shape is not made by hand. The◆ fillings are pressed into hardened cores, dipped lightly in water and rolled in a flat bas◆ket containing dry glutinous rice flour. A layer of the flour sticks to the filling, which ◆is then again dipped in water and rolled a second time in the rice flour. And so it goes, l◆ike rolling a snowball, until the dumpling is the desired size. Difference 2: filling The◆ fillings in tangyuan are assorted and relatively soft. They could contain nuts, fruit, flo◆wers and meat. The flavor could be either sweet or savory. Some tangyuan were even filled w◆ith kung pao chicken. However, yuanxiao usually have sweet fillings, such as red bean past◆e or black sesame. Differences 3: storage Tangyuan can be stored in the refrigerator for ◆a long time. Frozen tangyuan are available in many supermarkets in China. Yet yuanR


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I saw for the first time the earth's shape

xiao are ◆often made on the spot and soon consumed within the day of the Lantern Festival.1. Mahua, fried dough twist A fried dough twist model is on display at 〓the Guifaxiang Mahua Cultural Museum in Tianjin, April 259

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    , 2017. [Photo b〓y Li Ping/chinadaily.com.cn] When talking about delicacies in Northern C〓hina's Tianjin, people may initially think of mahua, or fried dough twist〓. Made of flour, sesame, walnut, peanuts and sweet-scented osmanthus, th〓e snack usually comes deep fried. A variety of flavors are available rega〓rdless if you prefer to eat sweet or salty. Out of the variety of shops 〓that sell mahua, the 18th Street shop is the most renownf

    ed. Tianjin's Hex〓i district hosts a museum of mahua, where you can learn about the history〓 of the fried food and get a glimpse of how it is made on the factory lin〓e. If you go: Guifaxiang Mahua Cultural Museum, 32 Dongting Road, Hexi 〓district, Tianjin. 88812002 ext 8888 2. Goubuli baozi Baozi, or steam〓ed buns with filling, is a popular staple food in North China. Baozi, or〓 steamed buns with filling, is a popular staple food in NoW

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    rth China. Gou〓buli, a time-honored chain restaurant in Tianjin with a history of more t〓han a hundred years, is the most famed brand of its kind. Gaobuli's buns〓 are known for their savory taste and exquisite ingredients, such as semi〓-leavened dough, and how they turn out, with exactly 18 creases on each b〓un. 3. Jianbing Jianbing, or fried crepe topped with egg and garnish,〓 is a Chinese snack that has seen international fame in thex

    US recently. 〓 4. Erduoyan fried rice cake Zhagao, or fried rice cake, is glutinous 〓rice dough made into dumplings filled with sweet bean paste. Zhagao, or 〓fried rice cake, is glutinous rice dough made into dumplings filled with 〓sweet bean paste. It is then deep-fried until the skin is crisp but the i〓nsides remain cottony soft. Erduoyan fried cake is the most popular. It 〓was first made on a little handcart but eventually developeJ

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    d into one of 〓the most famous foods in Tianjin. The street snack was first consumed du〓ring the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when Li〓u Wanchun pushed a wheelbarrow and peddled the food from street to street〓. He later rented a room in the Erduoyan hutong, a narrow alley. It's thu〓s widely known as the Erduoyan fried cake. Jianbing, or fried crepe topp〓ed with egg and garnish, is a Chinese snack that has seenO

    international f〓ame in the US recently. New York-born Brian Goldberg opened his "Mr. Bing〓" kiosk out of his personal fondness of the Chinese food, which became an〓 instant hit among New Yorkers. A tasty and crispy jianbing is made by p〓ouring batter (made of rice or beans) onto a circular hotplate. After car〓efully spreading the batter with a spatula, an egg is cracked on top. Gre〓en onions, a crispy cracker and any other ingredients 8


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that the consumers 〓like are added before the snack is folded into a tidy pocket.A laboratory workerp

in full biohazard gear is patrolling rows of rainbow〓 colored LED-lit shelves. The shelC

ves stand about 2 meters and have six〓 levels, each containing trays of lettuce saplings batF

hing underneath t〓he light, and the room is illuminated in a psychedelic pink. A labor〓atory worker in biohazard gear ch3

ecks the growth of lettuce in the vert〓ical farm in Anxi, Fujian province. ZHAN ZHUO / FOR CHINA DAILY Tht


  • The sorghum and milletq
  • c〓rops were about to mature9

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is i〓s no scene from a science fiction movie, but a common sight for scienti〓sts at a plant factory in Anxi, Fujian province, which covers 1 hectare〓 and is the largest vertical farming complex in the world. The second-l〓argest is a 0.64 hectare farm in Newark, New Jersey. Vertical farming 〓is the practice of growing vegetables and fruits in vertically stacked 〓layers of hydropon1

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